Kapton Polymide Film Kapton Polymide Film

Kapton® Polymide Film

Kapton® polyimide film by DuPont™ is an electrical insulation material with outstanding thermal, mechanical, chemical and electrical properties.

Kapton® has been used successfully in field applications where the environmental temperatures were as low as -269°C and as high as 400°C.

It can be easily fabricated by a wide variety of techniques, including die cutting, punching and thermoforming.

Kapton® is available in 5 different thicknesses from 23 micron to 125 micron and in several different grades type HN being the most popular.

HN film can be laminated, metallized, punched, formed or adhesive coated.

Kapton® HN is highly recommended for applications requiring an all-polyimide film with an excellent balance of properties over a wide range of temperatures.


  • Mechanical parts
  • Electronic parts
  • Electrical insulation
  • Pressure sensitive tape
  • Fibre optics cable
  • Insulation blankets
  • Insulation tubing
  • Automotive diaphragms sensors and manifolds
  • Etching
  • Shims

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