Flexible Films

Cellulose Film

Offering extremely high temperature resistance, uncoated regenerated cellulose film can be used on hand lay-outs, continuous flat lines and spiral wound lines for making reinforced rods like fishing rods, antennae or vaulting poles.

Kapton® Polyimide Film

Kapton® polyimide film by DuPont™ is an electrical insulation material with outstanding thermal, mechanical, chemical and electrical properties.

Kapton® has been used successfully in field applications where the environmental temperatures were as low as -269°C and as high as 400°C.

Polyester Film (Mylar, Hostaphan, Melinex)

uki’s leading brand polyester film is known for its high tensile strength, chemical and dimensional stability, transparency, reflectivity, gas and aroma barrier properties and electrical insulation properties.

Polyester film is used in many types of packaging applications ranging from food and drugs to industrial and consumer goods.

Aluminium Polyester Laminates

In order for your computers, TVs and other important electronic equipment to work correctly, your cables must be fully protected against interference.

Aluminium polyester tapes create a protective barrier around the cable conductor, preventing electromagnetic and electrostatic interference from reducing signal quality.

Silicone Release Film

Strong, flexible and chemically resistant, silicone release film provides excellent slip and good dimensional stability over a wide temperature range.

This coated film, with moderate haze, is formulated to give premium release from selected solvent-based adhesives.

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