electrical insulated cable sleeving electrical insulated cable sleeving electrical insulated cable sleeving


uki designs and manufacturer a complete line of electrical insulating cable sleeving, including flame retardation material.

These products exhibit an exceptional thermal stability and chemical, solvent and abrasion resistance.

The sleeving retains its integrity at extremely high temperatures, radiation or when exposed to high humidity or moisture.

The expandable construction of the materials allow the sleeving to be easily drawn on long lengths of wiring and cover a wide range of diameters with only a few product sizes.

Acrylic coated glass braid sleeving

Acrylic coated glass sleeving are characterised by excellent flexibility allied to high abrasion resistance and mechanical strength.

They are capable of continuous performance at class f (155°c) temperatures and short term exposure up to 200°c.

Silicone elastomer coated glass sleeving

  • Continuous operating temperature 180ºC max
  • Short term temperature: 250°c.
  • Protection and insulation of leads and wiring harness in household appliances, lamps and vehicles.
  • Insulation of the internal wiring of electrical motors.

Silicone Elastomer sleeving (symel)

uki manufacture a high quality silicone tube offering excellent mechanical, chemical and electrical properties.

Most commonly used for electrical insulation and has excellent insulating properties over a wide range of temperatures upto and exceeding 180deg C.

Silicone insulated sleeving is not restricted to insulation applications and can be used in a variety of different industries.

Available in a variety of different sizes and coulour from 0.5mm to 180mm

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Acrylic Glass Sleeving

PTFE Sleeving

Symel Silicone Sleeving

Silicone Elastomer Sleeving

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