Seals & Gaskets

Seals and Gaskets

Gaskets should be made from materials that are able to deform and tightly fill the space they are designed for.

uki’s bespoke gaskets and seals are highly resistant against heat and electricity.

Commonly produced by cutting from sheet materials, such as gasket paper, Nomex, Polyester film, rubber, and silicone, uki’s effective gaskets allow ‘less-than-perfect’ mating surfaces on machines parts where they can fill irregularities.

One of the more desirable properties of an effective gasket in industrial applications is the ability to withstand high compressive loads.

uki’s cutting-edge machines can ‘punch out’ any shape or design of gasket you require, with a cost effective, bespoke solution based on industrial usage, chemical contact and physical parameters.

Materials available:

  • Nomex Papers
  • Nomex Pressboards
  • Polyester Film
  • Kapton Films
  • Nomex Laminates
  • Nomex Kapton Laminates
  • Presspapers
  • Elephantide Papers
  • PTFE
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